Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dreamweaver Experience

Learning about Dreamweaver has proven to be quite the adventure. It's certainly not as easy to use as Blogger's WYSIWYG, but I think I am coming around to understanding it a little bit better, one day at a time. Our professor offered an extra class to discuss HTML and CSS. Though in a lot of ways it felt like seeing a foreign language for the first time, it was still helpful indeed. One of the most important things I learned was how to recognize the beginning and ending of HTML code. In the past, if I ever dared view my post in the 'Edit Html' mode, I had no idea where to place my cursor to make changes. Now, I have a very good understanding of how the codes open and close. One thing that I've managed to do successfully is to create a banner for my page. Granted, I didn't do any coding whatsoever, I use Pure Silva's Banner Maker. I think it turned out pretty nice. Here's a link to it:

Once I've completed a presentable Web site, I will post it's URL for all to view! The unveiling will take place the weekend of October 1st.

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