Friday, September 2, 2011

My Life Long Learning Habits

I like the phrase Life Long Learner because it rids my mind of the idea of the "professional student," that somehow carried with it a negative connotation. Life long learners are ever-growing, increasing in knowledge, wisdom, skill and savvy. Though I must admit, I've been a bit reluctant in increasing my knowledge when it comes to technology. I don't have a smart phone, ipad, ipod or any kind of e-reader. Last year is when I purchased my first blu-ray player, and just within the past six months or so, I finally learned how to remove my pictures from my digital camera and print them at Riteaid (though I did at least know how to transfer them to my computer). What I lack (or lacked) in tech savvy, I more than make up for in my knowledge of all things Disney or Nickelodeon! Knowing many character names from many shows, along with songs and dance moves. All this great knowledge from being a stay-at-home mom, and childcare provider to many.

This brings me back to being a Life Long Learner. I need to get beyond Dora and iCarly-quickly! I have a new goal of expanding my knowledge of all of these fantastic web 2.0 tools. I set up a blog in the past but never knew that I could change the standard design settings. Today I figured that out! I learned how to add all kinds of cool gadgets to it too (Blogger makes that super easy!).

In terms of my learning habits, I feel that I best exemplify #1, "Beginning with the end in mind." Having direction, and a plan that drives that direction makes me feel confident and prepared to take a step. Sometimes baby steps and other times grown up steps. If I stumble or fall over any obstacles, I keep the end goal in mind and persevere. When modifications are necessary due to life happening as it will, I roll with the punches, change what's necessary and keep marching.

Habit # 6, "Using technology to your advantage," is one that I need great improvement in. As I've already mentioned, in this area I am a little reluctant to embrace technology. I hope that this course and this learning adventure will show me just how useful technology is. I want to be able to share its usefulness with my family and with my students when I become a SLMS.

Lastly, I just love Habit # 7 1/2! I love to play, that's why I'm still awake playing with my blog at nearly 2AM. Sleep is very necessary, so I shall retire for the evening. I can't wait to read everyone's blogs :o)

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  1. Christina,
    Your blog looks amazing! I especially like how you incorporated a little survey at the top. What I found most poignant in what you wrote was the final paragraph emphasizing play. I think sometimes people in general get so consumed with work that they forget how important it is to take some time out the day for "play." I'm especially learning the value of play in regards to technology. Like you, I am not very tech savvy. But I am finding that by just playing around on the computer, one can learn how to do or use different features. For instance, just the other day, I figured out how to use the camera and recording devices on my laptop just by playing around and exploring the computer.