Saturday, October 15, 2011

Delicious - Bookmarking Frenzy

This week's adventure brought me to, a social bookmarking tool similar to Diigo which our class has been using to collect useful sites, articles and links relevant to libraries and library and information studies. Where Diigo seems to be better geared towards research, Delicious is more fun (in my opinion). In fact, I've been having a great deal of fun bookmarking sites that are of interest to me. Sites belonging to my favorite authors (Ted Dekker, Frank Peretti), and those belonging to some of my favorite chefs (like G. Garvin for example). Of particular interest to me were the stacks. I like that these are theme based because it allows me to organize my bookmarks in a visual way that makes sense to me. I could definitely see myself using this bookmarking tool to store links to valuable sites that would help me as a School Library Media Specialist. Linking to other SLMS Websites or blogs for example. Linking to pathfinders for students. etc. The only thing I did not figure out is whether or not I can share my URL for my Delicious account like I can with Flickr for example. If I figure that out, I will add it in my next post. Thanks for checking in.


  1. Hi Christina - great observations about ways you can use delicious for SLMS. I'm interested in academic libraries, and now I'm wondering if libraries had their own delicious accounts what type of stacks they could create, although ultimately the content would be at the discretion of whomever is marking the sites, so, if there was a way to allow patrons to contribute to the stacks, that would be cool (I looked and couldn't find one). I think you can share your url by just typing username). For example, mine is

  2. Thank you for the tip. Here's my Delicious URL:

    I think libraries have unlimited possibilities with stacks and could have many of them based on the interests of the patrons. If it shares some of the features that Diigo has, perhaps patrons could contribute to what's collected.

  3. i wish i'd been better able to 'get into' delicious--it sounds like you're having fun with it, and the stacks concept definitely has advantages. it's just so hard to break old habits! why couldn't someone have invented delicious 20 years ago? (and named it something else?)