Monday, October 3, 2011


Wikis are collaborative Web pages that provide space for those with a common interest to share and create content, discuss topics of interest, and provide valuable resources in the form of documents, links to relevant Websites and such.

One of my LIS courses makes use of a Wiki for our learning environment. It is the place we go to to listen to the weekly podcast, download the week's documents, access links to additional resources, and participate in discussion forums surrounding the subject matter for the week.

I have two middle school aged children and their teachers make use of class Wikis. It's a place for parents to stay informed on what's being taught in each class and what assignments are due. My children can also find glossaries on the Wiki, links to homework helps, study guides and other helpful tools.

Of the Wikis I explored for this week's challenge, my favorite was the St. Joseph County public library system. I appreciated the many community resources that were available. For example, local authors, community organizations, voter information.

I think Wikis are a useful tool for libraries. With a SLMC (School Library Media Center), a Wiki can act as an interactive environment for students to access and use information. Leading to resources pertaining to their homework or class projects. It could also be a great place for book discussions, as in with a book club, for example.

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  1. I was also very impressed with the St. Joseph County Library wiki, especially the local authors section. It seems like a great format for posting community information.
    And I'm amazed to hear that your kids' teachers maintain wikis for their classes. Is this common now? My parents would have been all over that if it had existed when I was in middle school!