Thursday, October 20, 2011

Zotero, Trial Run

Zotero - An open source application for citation management.

With Zotero I can build a library of resources that are of importance to me. Diigo and Delicious do the same thing. These are all shareable to the rest of the world (should they care to take a peek at your library). What I particularly appreciate about Zotero is its ability to grab citations from Websites. It is also said that using these citations (in the style you select: APA, MLA etc,) in a Google Doc, for example, is as simple as "dragging & dropping." I haven't tried this feature yet, so I cannot weigh in on its functionality.

What I've tried so far is collecting resources and creating folders within my library to store them. I'm doing a test run with Zotero by attempting to use in a collaborative project I have in another LIS course. I hope it proves to be useful!

Should you be so inclined, here's a link to my library:


  1. I forgot to mention the problems I faced with Zotero. While attempting to collect data from articles in UB's library databases, Zotero was pulling information from an entirely different source (other than the one I was on). When I looked in my library, the title, page numbers, etc. were all wrong. This complicates matters. It lets me know that I have to double check each entry for accuracy for sure!

  2. Good point about double-checking the entries in your library! Did Zotero ask you to enable connecting through a proxy? Because that led to some seriously bizarre things in my case.

  3. I'm interested in how Zotero will work with your collaborative project - I am trying to enable the Groups feature in Zotero, but I don't quite have a handle on how to use it yet. Please update us and let us know how it goes.

  4. I didn't have any problems when I tested Zotero for Learning 2.0 but then when I actually went to use it for a paper it didn't work as expected. Zotero seems to manage to reference basic book and article information fine but once I tried to reference slightly more complicated resources such as government reports the metadata was incomplete. I still like it to organize articles I use but I found Zotero to be lacking...literally.