Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The End of my Adventure? Is Simply the Beginning!

Of all the 2.0 things I explored, Podcasting was by far my favorite for two reasons:

(1) It gave me a chance to try Garage Band. I love my Mac (R.I.P. Steve Jobs) but I don't have many opportunities to do any of the fun things with it. Garage Band rocks! My son can hook his piano keyboard up to my computer and take piano lessons. I discovered that I could record my podcast in Garage Band and it was super easy.

(2) It got me thinking about ways to use podcasting. Our group in LIS 506 that's developing my brother's website, set up a podcast for him that he can use to post his sermons and other messages online. Both on his podcast channel and the blog we set up for him. Once we have his website up and fully running, we'll embed his podcast there too.

I also found bookmarking tools to be useful. We've been using Diigo in LIS 506 & LIS 568 to share pertinent information with the group. I discovered its ability to create lists in my library. So I started one that has fun educational sites for kids that maybe I'll link to when I am gainfully employed after graduation as a School Library Media Specialist.

I used Zotero as well for bookmarking and I really like the citation tool that allows you to copy and paste citations into your documents. I did however notice that it is not 100% accurate. For an article I attempted to bookmark, Zotero pulled all the wrong information. I'm not sure how often that happens. So I am a little bit hesitant to continue using it.

Overall this experience has caused me to be more open to exploring new ways to do what I do more efficiently. Whereas in the past, I would hear of a number of different web 2.0 tools but had no interest really in trying them. Now, I believe I will be more inclined to take the adventurous route and try things out. This is an essential aspect of being a lifelong learner, a willingness to try. In another class, we were talking about Twitter, which I currently do not use. However, now that I know how it can be used to network with other educators to share ideas and build partnerships and collaborations, I am going to join. I want to find other School Library Media Specialists that I can converse with.

I'd rather not say this were the end of my web 2.0 adventures. This is simply the beginning, and who knows, web 3.0 (as Anna pointed out) may just be right around the corner!


  1. I agree that this is not the end! My eyes have been opened to a world I was once intimidated to explore. Podcasting in particular I agree is a great skill to explore. It's so much easier to reach people viscerally through sound that sometimes text can't approach, and the video-less format sidesteps my stage fright :)

  2. Yes - Web 3.0 tools are right around the corner. I'm confident that when they do arrive you will be on the forefront exploring them. And when you do, please make sure to teach me all about what you learn.