Saturday, November 5, 2011

Google Web 2.0 Tools & Others

The two Google tools I gave a try were Google Calendar and Google Earth. I set up my personal calendar and made sure to keep it private. I also was given access to my brother's church calendar that's in Google. I created an event (which was a meeting with my LIS 506 group), and learned how to embed the calendar in a website. I didn't actually embed one anywhere yet. I just copied and pasted the code in a Word document for later use.

Google Earth was a great deal of fun! I remember my children telling me about this a couple of years ago because they used it in class before. So I needed only to ask one of my expert children how to use Google Earth. I've got it downloaded on my computer and have received a personal tutorial from my son. He used it to look at different futbol (or as us Amerians say, soccer) arenas or stadiums across the globe. I used it to look at the house I grew up in as a child.

Outside of the Googlesphere, I tried Pandora Radio. It wasn't bad. I didn't always like the music it randomly selected for me. I say random, but in some ways it's supposed to be tailored to what they perceive to be my music interest based on the artist I enter in. Sometimes it was right on, while others not so much.

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  1. I love google calendar! It seriously helps me keep my life organized. I love that I can access it from any computer, and that other people can share it with me as well!