Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thought I'd Try Skype

My brother and sister have had Skype for some time now but I never gave it a try. Yesterday, I decided to sign up. I have a few reasons for doing so, some personal, some professional:
  1. I can see and talk to my family that I don't get to visit often
  2. Same for my kids, they can keep in touch with family and friends this way (through my account, not sure I'd let them have their own yet)
  3. Professionally speaking, I can use it when I become a SLMS to have virtual author visits and it would also be a great tool for group meetings (up to 5 participants) and screen sharing

For the second summer in a row, we hosted a child from the NYC area in our home for 10 days through the Fresh Air Fund. She and my daughter were instant friends and much like sisters. They've been keeping in touch over the phone and through the mail but now that I have Skype, I'm going to see if we can arrange a video call with her and her family. My daughter will be absolutely thrilled! This will be a great way for them to keep in touch until they see one another again next summer. Cant wait to give it a try!

My first Skype call will likely be with my sister. She's not out of town or anything, just more tech-savvy than I am right now and I thought we'd have some fun testing it out. Then I'll likely try it with my brother. He is out of town so this will be a cool way to see him.

When I try it out, I'll leave a comment and let you guys know how it went. Do any of you have Skype?


  1. Glad to see you're still posting to your blog and still learning and exploring. I use Skype. It's very similar to Microsoft Lync. Lync has a few advantages and will be a more robust option if it becomes supported through the university. As a matter of fact Microsoft recently bought Skype. Skype seems easier to setup than Lync, but once it's setup they are both very easy to use. Web-conferencing is another evolution in the way we communicate.

    1. Hi Robin, please keep me posted on new things I should try out. I continue to use Diigo and have been bookmarking things that can help me with my projects this semester. Google Alerts has been good for that too because it brings relevant and current information directly to my inbox.

  2. I talked to my sister via Skype over break and it was fun. I saw my dad in the background making funny faces and I saw our little buddy Miguel eating chips. We tried to connect with my brother too but his internet connect wasn't allowing him to join us.

    1. It was fun!! We will have to try that again soon. I think there is actually a way to do conference video chats as well. I just haven't figured it out just yet.