Information Literacy Mini Lesson

Information Literacy Mini Lesson

For my Computer Applications in the School Library Media Center course (LIS 568), I created a mini lesson using Jing and Screencast.  Here are the details of my proposed lesson, with the presentation to follow:

Information Literacy Skill: Access – Overview of larger lesson
This lesson is intended for the 5th grade level student and is designed to incorporate efficient and effective means of accessing information.  With a specific focus on developing successful strategies for locating information on the Internet, using Google.  To be taught at the start of school the year.  With a goal of preparing the students for independent research and for their transition into 6th grade.

Pre-Computer Research Preparation
Each student will receive a web-hunt sheet, providing them with details on our topic (Martin Luther King) and what information they are to search for.  It will also include a chart with Google search tips.  For example, explaining the different site operators that can be used to find only .gov sites or .edu.  Also, how to search for images, quotes, definitions, etc.

Mini-Lesson: Martin Luther King Web Hunt
Students will watch the presentation, demonstrating Google search tips and how to find specific pieces of information about Martin Luther King.  The students, using their information-seeking sheet will be expected to search for  facts on Martin Luther King on their own.  Some of the searches will match those that are in the mini-lesson exactly,  his birthday for example, while others will use similar methods, just applied to different information about Martin Luther King.

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